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If she sweats during the night the possibility of salt is a
stronger option than heat.

Soham Patel

We cover our heads so hair won’t fall on food or fire. One other idea is to keep the knives as sharp as possible. The skins of the fruit need not be blanched off that way. Heat changes texture and taste but those elements are something undesired for the dish in mind. The season makes it so. This room has enough stainless steel to reflect and blind when the sun is shining. A room in a basement is not a damp thing. If there are instruments for certain methods and tools for others the difference will be cataloged. Dust will gather on the shelf. Most recipes have been memorized and designed for variations anyway. Egg spin to crack. Butter smear with hands. Butter smear spread over pans. Skin will burn and backs will hurt. Food and rubber melted on the floor. There will be a time to stop eating. A certain taste is to be expected so.

Soham Patel

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