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from Tropic/of/Cubicle

Roderick Maclean

It is here in Big Beer
Room we crisscross Out of our Natural Cubitats
IT lures us each Con-
tractor and Ordinary Employee with the spirits

These first friday after-
noons One tribe habitually displays the Stock
Options Profit Sharing
Skill Training and GEEK-2-GOD Gym Membership

My ilk known to bear none
but a Lusty Appetite for the Others' Jobs Yet
here in Big Beer Room IT
allows us all only one Blue Plastic Cup and we

Slurp from the foamy la-
la lagoon of disrememberment Or so slurs One
Leg Geoff who likes to
drink and RideShare but who doesn't A horde of
OEs near the Neck Mass-
euse/Keg are hunched over in Burp Ritual Two
Cs and three OEs compare
bacne by the pistachios And I retreat into an

Inflatable Chair Eyes
flutter IT breathes my neck bristles IT is e-
lectric limbed floating
threading through my self And in a thunderclap

IT has bestowed to me (a
C) the Corporate HMO plus portal to the OE X-
mas Banquet A cloudburst
Groggy in the inflatable I see my Blue Cup has

Emptied on my lap A
circle of C/OEs around me Through their snorts
the Voice of IT rings
above: Minivans are departing for the Railway

Roderick Maclean

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