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from Tropic/of/Cubicle

Roderick Maclean

Cube585 is a quaint hamlet
the First Amendment knows not
And be it unlikely my Molly Glerkman vs Mega-
Corp will set precedence Yet

My direct marketing web BRC
has been ruthlessly uncer-
emoniously <CENSORED> for "Patently Egregious"
alliteration personification

And rhyme TAKE ARMS--!! what?
Sure Doug I'll get lunch at
El TwerpenBurger Is this a new VW? It'll be 2
TwerpenDogs and a Strawberry

Shake Mm that was good How're
the ankle biters? Well thanks
Doug Back to work Until next time yasonofagun
B/c now is:::MG vs MC!!!!!

Could I(t) pen a paean
more apt to Value Added
Resellers (VARs) Might I(t) deliver fair glory
in equipment reselling Can

I(t) master the lin-go the
dialec' the aCrONymS the
the syntax the space where discerning B2B CIO/
VPMIS will suffer safety re:

"Quality Solution" The answer
is always YES/NO for market-
ing scribes corporate commune-icators seniorVP
ghost writers such as I maroon-

Ed on a trope-o-spheric island
of perpetual slant disenchant-
ment w/a fraternity of MBA proofreadership par
waxcéllence This ghost limb

Of human context to e-mail én
masse bulk spam the ACLU EFF
CNBC:"Monkey Typewriters Strike For Biz Proxy"
b/c I am 1/3 mouth 3/5 piece

Nay Something other There is
"other" isn't there? More than
defending commercial interlocution as repre-
sentation? I can't be serious

Roderick Maclean

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