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Jane Joritz-Nakagawa


Blurry dancing infinite dimensions in foreign spaces

euphemistic origins cacophonic lostness

 Interrupted origins ceremonial dimensions

ambient dementia emergency dimension obtuse abyss

Ambient paroxysm dead time paramount
 infinitesimal collision

Recumbent landscape ultra verve

post pacific recessive landscape

   Blank forest

   outpost signboard festival

Apologetic blank dimension

 temporal lobe epilepsy   broker a release of prisoners

via terror proxy and maelstrom surrogate

where can I buy more insomnia   Space is equidistant   Perverted charisma buys more
food     Flaxen rockets whet more appetites
in mesmerizing schoolyards    I used to be a basket minus a chair
But kept falling

Imaginary legs and invisible language
 bleached emptiness or maidenhead

Raindrops daydream themselves into oblivion in
awkward mirrors reflecting nothing

   I didn’t suffer much

 nor hired those footprints under your feet

baggy pants in my closet worn by someone else who knows
how the pants got here or who got in my pants

 stoop to your height so the middle aged crack of my ass opens wide

Fuzzy grey heads about to enter a trap

& taught you the expression pants on fire
which does not describe the bleak cabin

all shoddy things moving in a stupor
Like grey mice in front of unseen food

Remitting now

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

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