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from Tropic/of/Cubicle

Roderick Maclean

From behind jelly coconut Terry
Team Leader Terry said b/c meetings
start @11:20 sharp
"There is no PZ in
'Team'" PZ will

Play alone Even as
Team Purple (Schutzs-
Taffel Personality Quotient) hardyhars
"Terry 465 PZ 0" & PZ is I playing
to lose b/c I am in love w/1

Bobby Sanitation Bobby
Oh God Bobby So
when Terry "Tip of the
icecube" to me for weak report
to my report for his ( ) I am in Head

Bobby freezer dispenser wedges
on my testes sweet tongue
Even Terry "Think
outside the cube" for
my greasy hair hat I am out

There w/Bobby every waking typing
meeting cell-phony moment
w/double phrase-ectomy
A lemon-tran-scent-
ence Of PZanstasia

Roderick Maclean

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