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The Graffiti Artist’s Last Supper

Joseph Ross

a Eucharistic prayer

He popped the spray paint can and aimed,
While they were at supper

shooting a stream, straight and clean
he took the bread, blessed it, broke it

creating an arching tombstone,
and gave it to his disciples saying:

“for you, little brother.”
Take this, all of you, and eat.

Because sometimes, only a painting can say:
This is my body, given up for you.

These nights, the stealth artist is alone, so
Do this in memory of me.

When supper was ended,
He tried to remember, to memorize your heartbeat, so

he took the cup. Again he gave
his best three-dimensional shots offered

thanks and praise.
to his young friend, killed that day while

He gave the cup to his disciples
being nothing but a kid.

He said: Take this all of you
because living is nothing but yearning for food

and drink. This is the cup of my blood,
that settles into the concrete of the street,

the blood of the new and everlasting
lament of a mother and sirens that seal a truth

covenant. It will be shed for you
in graffiti that tastes like anger,

and for all so that sins may be forgiven.
Now, every time he paints a name, he will

Do this in memory of me.

Joseph Ross

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