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from Tropic/of/Cubicle

Roderick Maclean

A wall is a wall is a ceiling is a floor is a stapler
is a mouse is a phone is a desk is a chair now sit
down shut up and get to work is a saying is a
series of sounds is a lesson I apparently

Needed to learn otherwise I wouldn't
have said my cube is not my cube
is not my cube is not my cube
of 4 weeks ago 4 floors ago

4 sweating coffee-lipped
Org Chart-climbing no
response to every-
day email man-

Agers ago
When I
ized hour

By hour usage
of my XY Handicap
Bathroom Stall When I
wasn't looking for girl

W/clipboard and red pen Are
those her pink lips on a PayDay
bar Chocolate crumbs Fingers smear-
ing over my little corner of a middle

Of nowhere and scribbling me somewhere else
No But it might have been So tonight I'll be the
last to leave Tomorrow the first to arrive Guarding
my box from blond Cube Chart Pirates of my nightmares

Roderick Maclean

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