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from Tropic/of/Cubicle

Roderick Maclean

High noon 'n tha lights go down 'n Wide Wide
Wide Wyoming Yeah that's the ol'

Brand ah done burned on this here dump of a quadrant
but it ain't stuck Not like ah done after

Learnin' Java 'n whatnot Movin' out yonder w/$$
creamy pies 'n ma cowboy eyes which hardly

See nothin' presently what w/tha Rollin' Blackouts
we got here 'n this Power Plantation called

Cal-ee 'N as ma peepers 'n ears adjust ta hundreds 'o
monitors fluorescent rods 'n mouths closin'

Shop ah see li'l bitty ghosts 'o folks you'd think
their souls burned out w/tha 'lectronic extra-

Nets 'N dagburn it hits Big Jimbo that Shit 'Bo those
tubes 'o glass is tractor beams fer all that's

Umen 'n the upload is good 'n ON So here 'mong
these shadows 'n 'neath moon surface ceiling

Plates Where tha pup yuppies never seemed ta
care fer a howdy 'r a how-do Ah take up ma lasso 'n

Wranglin' hat 'n say This ain't no rodeo 'n it ain't
no goddamn "Meritocracy" neither So go promote

Yerself a fella who speaks like yerselves: all saddle
'n no horse Speakin' 'o which mine's is rearin' up

Fer us ta ride 'n outta here "Off tha grid"
so ta speak Where power 'n energy ain't so much

Tha same thin' Adios dark day Ah'm a sandstorm
mixed w/a whirlwind 'n this'll be ma night ta howl

Roderick Maclean

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