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Reveal: Monster

Bruce Covey

Minotaur: Together, they wheeled it into the pasture
Basilisk: Port Poseidon’s pickles are low end
Dragon: With a removable upper shell
Ghost: To reinvent the world’s mating rituals
Medusa: And which had chanced to catch a glimpse
Chimera: The latest nightly builds will become
Hydra: The only collaborative one you can actually use
Werewolf: Just outside of town where a candle always burns
Leviathan: And the nerves, but so many strings?
Centaur: For piano, five pages from my calendar
Harpy: But from the brow of her mother
Griffin: Cool shark with time shift recording
Doppelganger: Invisible to human eyes. Cats & dogs
Golem: Do not know where Prague is located

Bruce Covey

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