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The Man Whose Life Became a Delusion

Blake Walmsley

Is sitting next to the Woman Whose Life Is Continuous
  Absurdity in the empty movie theater.
On a blanket at the beach.
On the ferris wheel at the state fair.
In the famous aviary.
At Tiger Stadium during a rain delay.
In the emergency room.
By the 10-items-or-less line at the grocery store.
In the holistic marriage counselor’s waiting room.
In the garden by the fountain by the tower by the sea.

Fearless daydreams
passing the afternoons asleep in trees.
Kindergartners guard

the million dollar dandelion.
Dead obsessions play speed chess
in the park.

A herd of uncontrollable impulses stampeding
over a cliff.
The immeasurable distance

between what you live and what you dream.
a cloud flying sideways.

There is proof.
I have photographs.

Blake Walmsley

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