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Light She Was and Like a Fairy

Clay Matthews

Jimmy was biting into a wedding band
while I asked for forgiveness and in the corner

of the room an old man sang Oh my darlin’,
Oh my darlin’, Oh my darlin’ Clementine.

Gold? the mans asks, and Gold Jimmy says,
and I add Gold fuck yourselves, to which

the room takes a vote and decides
not to laugh. In the mirror I see a bride

pass by, running away from a head
sticking out of the back seat of a Cadillac

and saying I’m sorry, she meant nothing,
she meant less than nothing, which I calculate

by degree is still something.
When I said my vows I shook so badly

I thought I might drop the ring
into the ocean, which was not so far away.

I’ve never been so terrified by a man
in a suit speaking words from a book

in my entire life. I turn around
and the room is looking out the window.

Jimmy says Love, the old man Love lost,
and unable to hold back I add Love set you going.

We go to the veil, and behind the veil
everything we want so badly we dare not remove it.

We’re lost. And gone forever.
Dressed in white silk, Clementine.

Clay Matthews

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