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Überdesigned Happy Juice

Shanna Compton

Who knew a can would be so

tentative, so come-on maybe,

all pink like showing its tits

if cans had tits and tits were pink.

Just drink it. Because designers

are always flirtatious.

They like to let you think

they’ll make you look good.

Good being a font they can

select and deselect, with their

wily style sheets turned back

before hopping into bed.

Oh fuckable promise, Futura Book,

the designers say, don’t you

want to be so smooth, so

rounded, so uncomplicated

yet distinctive? Highlight this,

babe. Nudge me to your

guidelines. I’ll come cascading,

scrolling, printing out

crop marks flawlessly for you.

Shanna Compton

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