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David Laskowski

Been tired. Been sore. Been an acre’s
gross to a fisheries crass. Been the exis-
tence to a fifth ring in a tempest’s post-
by-ironic flare. Maybe, he’d asked for it.
For that concussion’s most tended alarm.
Maybe, he rung it up like a diggers bell
with orders to be the best that he canned.
Whether as a prince or an actor – has kids,
gets married, is born. Applies to the A-
ssociation of Planetary Inter-Beings and
gets placed on the waiting list. No biggie.
Better are the gossamer intentions of pure
violets in its deepest heart. Better the sim-
ple desire for a law’s defining violence.
Better to shit than to crap, incessantly such
words return. Again and again, passively,
a having been, having been having been.

David Laskowski

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