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Thanks for Playing

Shanna Compton

Who wrote the poem—that diggable poem

on doing rejection? It's a cocktail movie poem,

with noisemakers and funny hats. Perhaps

it's by the Brooklyn Inn girl with her new

summer hairstyle for her round head type

and her spangle bottom. You think she

carries around an Ashton Kutcher photograph?

Or one of Ann Richards on her motorcycle

from Texas Monthly? I overheard her say once

she teaches yodeling for kids, but

that she knows less about cowboy poetry

than buying a bra. She does know the email address

of every cracker in Spain and what pantaloons

look like, however. Oh look, she's off

to the Boston Poetry Massacre with

her like-new Olivetti Lettera 22 and her

Equanimity Sport Pouch filled with

new insects—red, sage green, and

red translucent—each resplendant

as designer toilet seats.

Shanna Compton

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