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Book of Love (Part 2 of 5)

Kate Greenstreet

The diamond ring effect is seen just as totality
starts, and ends.

My vacation (reminiscing): Took a bath in brown water, cried
for an hour. Sat on the linoleum, read some poems aloud.

In a place where the windows stay open, my door
is completely made of glass.


So much we say to one another isn't true--it's just the way it comes out, so we need
to be forgiving.

My father was alive and was becoming a draftsman. He still had something to say
about building. He'd lost something. That was important.

We'll carry it forward, he said, but separately. That same day we were teaching ourselves
how to think about life. There was a trick to it.


Recurring dream of a numbered list.

400: Introverts

(to be alone, to be with their animals, to think about science)

Kate Greenstreet

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