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Book of Love (Part 3 of 5)

Kate Greenstreet

"She's writing all the time, and she's carrying a suitcase.
She might be going somewhere." (my temporary
girlfriend: strong stress, weak pitch)

I couldn't find the empty diamond.
Remembering together provokes doubt.

"for pitch is like light
and colour

like weight"

the visible.

Time hovers over the town like a UFO.
Couldn't we be a team?


The person in the room who never speaks, I was
disappearing islands).
I understand in 5 languages. I understand you, try a little harder.

"It's the 2 kinds of yellow."
"He's pissin' pollen."
"Some people have pretty patios."
"Don't believe so much in the ground, believe in the bone."

Ideas: That someone could know you, without
doing the work. That you can have a second chance at life.
What people say: "saved
for a reason." (He thought I meant the lettuce.)

I was back in the old kitchen, we were putting the dishes
away. We didn't seem
particularly close.

"You might have to learn how to lie without leaving the body.
Put that in your book of love."

Kate Greenstreet

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