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Halloween: Pregnancy Test Negative/Blood Sugar High

Jenny Browne

The Salvadoran kids still don’t get it.
A door opens; three scream treat me, treat me.
I kneel to tie the devil’s shoelaces.

A small cow coughs on the corner.
The chicken crosses the road
for the Snickers. Forget the red

box of raisins, a virgin apple.
The perfect egg above us
descends untouched.

There goes a Freudian Slip,
the woman with Penis Envy penned
in purple marker. It bleeds

through the satiny fabric stretched
tight across her bouncing belly.
Dress me as envy, just another end

of the month trick or treat.
I should have come
as the woman always late for a train

eyes ablaze, skirt in flames.
On the sidewalk’s dark wings I wait
with someone else’s baby

squirming in my arms. She sharks
one empty breast then pulls my jaw down
by the teeth.

Jenny Browne

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