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My Grade Book

Martha Silano

I get an A in knowing the color
of mashed peas and also an A

for their gelatinousity
like gravy congealing

a green like the moon
if the moon were really made

of green cheese and
this is also an A for the color

of the peas of childhood
spitting them out evil peas!

(D for disobedience)
For clean socks C

For clogs C+
For picking out the perfect cocktail dress

a hem and haw and then A- - -
because for over an hour I dominated

the dressing room demanded Viktoryia
find me a size to fit my milk-

bursting breasts.
For changing into PJ’s, X.

For picking up from school
100%!o(MISSING)n time, bravos echoing

back along Rattlesnake Ridge
For letting her sleep

while she’s sleeping, sky
slowly turning pinkish red.

Martha Silano

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