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Martha Silano

A television set is heavy a quarter cow
in a cardboard box can barely

be lifted the cow had eyes had legs
the cow now only its roasts

I carry it from the trunk to the house
ground round and chuck up up

and into the freezer discover my chore
is not only burden but cheerless

there is much in a marriage
that is cheerless the husband wanting

the wife a windy wisp-ness
a web-like way escarolian

the opposite of pot roast
which is clotted leaves a trail

they made a son a deep-mouthed glitter
a crocus a mud-specked oak if there is sky

if there is grieving the meat which is flank
which is rump or rib not the leaf

not the aimless aspen’s swirl not the bed
which is heavy on her flimsy head

on her frothy thoughts her flimsy foolish hands

Martha Silano

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