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Martha Silano

is maybe too strong a word maybe what I want maybe what you want is reasoned
though really this has little to do with you is maybe the one time a person’s
granted immunity from critical anything enough with the A

to B and more loads more of the 2 plus 2 equals 3,964
maybe what I want for you is pain though at this
even the coming-up-with-revenge-plans part

I stink not even when my roommate kicked me out for one measly story
only roughly based on a single part of her not-really-very-interesting-
or-intriguing life could I and it wasn’t even my idea

but my boyfriend’s even imagine sending her in the US mail a giant rotten trout
which does prove one thing I for instance was taught not to not even
when it strummed my guts like those instruments

made from guts even when it coursed and suctioned like a pulsing benthic octopus
who watching for half a year over her rice-sized eggs eats nothing
who just before dying gently blows her hatchlings

from the den of course toward you who at best won’t read the sign beside this tank
who at worst will describe with of course one of them in your mouth
their sumptuous flesh

which is not to say I don’t eat eggs cod pork screaming Romaine
which is not to say rationality wins but rather that all it means
is extreme animosity deriving from of all things Latin
for courage and bold words like spirit like soul

Martha Silano

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