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You Saw the Dog & Knew He’d Come for You

Samuel Amadon

This the block with the birch trees: the birch block.
Litter fills the gutters. All the goats are full.

The trees leaned against the train-fence until the fence
Wore through. Bark grew back. Now one’s not two.

The train don’t come still we hope it soon.
See where someone sprayed paint on Mr. Smith’s

White bricks: black flag looks to be American.
Ask the alderman to call a favor in: no lightning

Strikes until they sweep us clear. Fire or sleet.
Sleet or fire. I want no wreck of storms no more.

The leaves keep falling. Leaves aren’t food.
The hounds are marching. Who knew they’d come

So soon? You’d better park that car & come in
Too. This catch-all here: it’ll catch you.

Samuel Amadon

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