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The Sunset

Mark Yakich

While hiking up a tall hill in Berkeley, California, with my French friend Severine, we
decided to steal a couple of plums from a neighbor's tree. We couldn't agree on
whether the red or the yellow plums would taste best. Finally I snapped off a couple
of the yellow ones. Severine knocked them out of my hand sending the plums down
the hill. We watched them roll and roll down and down until they were out of sight.
We joked that they rolled all the way into the Bay. Then she knocked me to the
ground and made love to me like something she forgot on her to-do list. One month
later we married so that she could get a green card. A month after that I discovered
that she was already married to someone else in order to get a green card. I asked
her about this on our honeymoon night while we were playing Monopoly. She had
Boardwalk and Park Place and all the yellow and green properties too. I was pissed.
I told her I couldn't be the boot anymore.

Mark Yakich

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