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Sunlight or Sunshining

Erik Sweet

The whole follows the half
The half follows the invisible to no end

The torn photo creates double a world

Is “don’t know what I am doing much”
What I am is in a big bag of skin flesh

I go out into the yard
I go out into the street

In the sunlight out by the yard, by the stream
warming my eyes, the sunlight can control everything
at once and nothing at all

And waiting

You are just laughing on the corner in your mind thinking
of all of the people you used to know then emptying

The voices and the winding up
Those faces that fade

The sunshine hopes for the last sighting
of opera sky and distraction

The last laugh is it
It is not there,

Lift your skinny arms to me, soft
in overhanging leaves, moths

Under the eaves I hear a sun cough

The only bridge and I cherish the actual light
The sun and

my skin, heating up and then eventually
going back inside me for warmth

My eyeing light words on a moment that
is still

May 2005

Erik Sweet

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