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Today, Part III

Erik Sweet

This I am sure of, I am not sure
A day is a day is a day
This I am sure of: being in the whole space of the world is not enough
Oh the truth, what a long word that is
In the corner, in the time-out chair of a singular moment
Would you go back if you could?
It had to be so long ago if you measured using their time
I saw a space open up and I went for it—people were pissed
There is no end in sight
If you went back, what would be the point?
If you went back, would you just be pleasing you?
Would you just be passing time?
The questions are endless and the ink is dry
To be inside a life is rather funny, with many calls never answered
Maybe they are really the wrong questions
Why cloak things
Why not be sure of no thing

October 2005

Erik Sweet

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