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MuBet, W

John Mercuri Dooley

Wait a minute i forgot my hairspray. Wait a minute i have to yawn. Walk away as maddening business. Want to pick out some candy. Warped speech is an if. Was evening named after eve said so. Was it or did you mean it. Wash your hog. Waste butter. Wasting time is an oxymoron. Watch aspic. Watch it grow. Watch that as it is thought. Watch this thought. Watch tv all day tomorrow. Watch your meta tags. Water laughs at you. Water sails through my teeth. Wave a flag to bricks. Way before freedom. We are all born with asses. We are lots of definitions. We are plum out of inventory. We bought a wardrobe. We came home and smelled the sauce. We collect air. We could be at the olympics. We don't put up the same kind of business online. We don't put up the same kind of online barriers. We filed jointly. We grew up calling it american bread. We have said no to this our big moment. We have some brands with content. We have the kill, crush and destroy plan. We haven't kissed yet underwater but there was that salty time. We hear each other in english so. We kill dead trees. We need everything hitting on all cylinders. We shall wear their bodies puppets. We walked into the wrong movie and loved it. We want nothing less than worldwide control. We watched shane last night. We were happy she left and came. We were walking. We wish to know so little trees confuse us. We won the business. Wear everyone. Webcasts are another submarket. We'd be just fine without. Well don't just stand there. Well read. We're having bagels for breakfast. We're pretty darn close in forecasts. We're queer we are queer. We're seeing a buying trend right now. We're vying for people's time with our content engine. myinvisiblewordissecretanddiversiveandwillhauntyou

John Mercuri Dooley

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