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MuBet, W, continued

John Mercuri Dooley

We've crossed the u.s. lines. We've sort of figured it out pretty big. What a surprise to see my doctor only had pictures of women on her shelves. What about almodovar and women. What about this. What are we doing here that we can sell people. What changes from the time you think the object is hot as a man and it's a woman. What color are you. What color is your harness. What did it mean that i had nuts in my robe. What do fried clams remind you of and ketchup. What do you care about. What do you do when the rain stops. What do you do while you are blogging. What do you mean do i write poems. What do you mean serious. What do you mean serious poet. What do you think malcolm x would have said. What do you want besides a new house or a new life or to be less fat. What does something mean. What does that mean. What exactly is a kiosk. What does a two by four measure. What good is a mirror. What happens when you start reading. What i want isn't happening. What i'd like to see is the sooner the better. What if they thought phrases as complete thoughts. What is a level 3 sex offender. What is a trial. What is consumption minutes. What is sex. What is the big picture doing. What is the liquid that hardens to gold after a pimple. What is the reasoning lump. What is this. What kind of flower would you be. What matters. What media do you use frequently or occasionally. What month are plums. What more could you ask for than me and valerie solanas. What part of area code are you. What punctuation is most suited to catholicism. What was i about to write oh why. What was the name of a camera before it existed. What will you do if someone calls you cunt or faggot. What will you do if someone. myinvisiblewordissecretanddiversiveandwillhauntyou

John Mercuri Dooley

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