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MuBet, W, continued

John Mercuri Dooley

Whatever you mean stop. What's a little nail polish. What's a mouthfull of joy. What's a wall stud. What's about. What's about depends. What's an instinct. What's for supper. What's new. What's on tonight. What's the joke that made you. What's the use of everything. What's the use of thinking of something it's identical. What's today. Wheats grass. When everything's wireless where will the birds sit. When fruit falls pick it up. When he thought i said how do you. When i got married my father said divorce rates are high. When i got up this morning my dog smelled. When it is removed from context leave it. When they say yogurt with fresh fruit its apples and grapes. When they say you're just like a lesbian couple is that because you no longer have sex or because you want it like sonia braga. When was the last time. When you have eggs at night it is breakfast. When you look where is the revenue. When will you. When you say it do you mean it. Where are the infants of awareness. Where did the time go. Where did you come from. Where is then. Where was i. Where are humorless adjectives. Where's the inner one pretending. Wherever you go there's a lot of them. Which mind. Which queen is back. While you stand here melts. Whistle on the prairie. White chicks said schwarzenigger. White flour. Who are you supporting what. Who called did they leave a picture. Who came on that saw. Who cares if it's new. Who decided among all the hebrew meanings. Who do i think i am anyway i won't. Who do you think reads. Who do you think you are to say you accept me. Who is god helping. Who is the one in the dark. Who means that. Who needs company. Who said a joke could not be a poem. Who said it is talking language. myinvisiblewordissecretanddiversiveandwillhauntyou

John Mercuri Dooley

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