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MuBet, W, continued

John Mercuri Dooley

Who says who's. Who says it has to be what you have. Who says write now i am not. Who says words don't make a poem. Who taught you how to fuck.Who told romans they could put corn in tunafish. Who translated your bible. Who wants to watch a performance artist piss in a martha stewart bucket. Whoever told you. Whoever let you in forgot. Whoever said happiness was overrated was. Whoever said love is a whore fucked a lot. Whoever said that's stupid. Whoever said we're always the same was immature. Whoever thought that thought that will never know. Whoever said what's mine is yours was. Who's a queer texan. Who's clever. Who's defining bullshit. Who's in the mood. Whose meaning. Who's pretending to be genderless. Why. Why am i embarrassed. Why am i local. Why am i jealous. Why are you mean. Why did you let them convince you that sentence. Why do dykes make pancakes and fags do brunch can't they have crepes. Why do i think that matters. Why do people lie. Why do they call them deformations. Why do they have to do that. Why do they pick on chinese buses. Why do you go along. Why do you think people. Why does it matter. Why keep it secret. Why hasn't anyone emailed me since coffee. Why is your house as big as a bowling alley. Why keep it secret. Why make up your mind. Why the fancy language. Why would you think grammar was correct. Why shouldn't the words change. Will it be bronze or pine. Will there be a literary region. Will they let you in. Will this ever end. Will too many letters unbalance it. Will too much fish oil make you fat. Will you be sorry when age is a mission. Will you have nostalgia outside. Will you miss gender. Will we ever shut up. Wind is well are you. myinvisiblewordissecretanddiversiveandwillhauntyou

John Mercuri Dooley

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