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MuBet, W, continued

John Mercuri Dooley

Windbreakers don't. Window shades are sad too. Wine cask. Wiping your ass on the videophone will get your point across. Wisconson loves horses. Wish i had a normal. Wish i had some airborn. Wish upon a donut. With the good folks upstairs there's a lot than can be monetized. Wither lilac. Without eves what. Without southern california what would happen to our sun. Woke up to write this. Woman ate 24 grilled cheese. Wonderland subsists on regional vocabularies. Word became a space. Word's a good day. Words and spaces are a pasttime. Words are too slow. Words drugs what's the difference. Words would mean something if you knew something. Work from the surrounding. Work with excellent questions. World turns the water boiling. Would a dog think that. Would doing this be. Would eyes write that. Would i write like that. Would it matter if someone who murdered you apologized. Would joy for you be collective or separate. Would you like him better as a neutral pronoun. Would you pay for fair labor jeans. Would it be better if there wasn't a word for season. Would it have happened if the judge was not a woman. Would we be better off without. Would you. Would you mind if we tried something. Would you rap a ruled knuckle. Would they be the same thing if they were different. Wouldn't it be nice to find a hundred dollar bill in a rose bush. Wouldn't you love to be a fly in judith butler's bedroom. Would you think we needed gay bookstores if you lived in the hills. Wouldn't you rather be makeup. Write better sentences. Write down ingredients. Write i on purpose. Write it on a pearl. Write your own grapefruit and call me in the morning. Writing interrupts everything. Writing thinks for itself unlike thinking. myinvisiblewordissecretanddiversiveandwillhauntyou

John Mercuri Dooley

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