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more of the same dream

kari edwards

more then what is
of that less applicable
cultural surface tension
bleeding tears
for the many
few or our own
self disinterest

and as sure
as no reason
an answer answers
with clever split
daylight becomes night
the old new
a new old only newer
letters of who can promote
piles of sludge to shine
and those not

and any where you say
never convinced
to the races
good enough for good
and not
for not
calling it
library card liberty
sacrificing the lower part
of a compound rib
for whiter right
print in black
for plunder tank distance
until one discovers no other issue
then moments
carried in prethought pleasure
emerging on wings
inside a smile
without a word
all true
and not one consonant lost
in the slow unseen deck
of natures obedience

kari edwards

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