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the other counter

kari edwards

a ghost      piece of paper      passes time      collects another
passes passion      collects   collects         naming a familiar
engages in      concerned about expectation
about duplications      exceeded by extensions
passes passing      extension duplications       of shapeless reiteration
past oblivion      past the familiar      past reiteration and memory

I remember      everyone's message      everything passion
packed in asbestos      integrated vacillation      some
call a vacation
something that pleases      corners and repeats

I am near the back      I am the back      near a corner      repeating myself
behind myself      now nearly      now violence
now a corner      from start to      from slaughter to      another end
starts the next

 repeating      someone keeps stomping a commons
wondering      perhaps theoretical      perhaps technical    maybe a fiat destination

 both empathic and dead      both both being anonymous    sacrilege and
 guilty of calm      guilty of guilt and clinging

 aloft      naked against speaking      anonymous repeating concrete

kari edwards

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