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the future is here

kari edwards

in another reality
the choking reality
the begging reality
the soft porn deformed
sounds of dying stones
brushed aside
chaos' hacking lungs
filling the cracks with a human ocean
consumed in a single serving
etceteras and bleeding
breathless and again
and the future is here
and again and again
the picture is mad
the word bondage
gnaws at the self
behind a wall of flesh
of oncoming traffic
with habitual disregard
for things and bodies
a sensation rekindled in dirt
animal and human filth
line the causeways
of the dead
choking points never heard

a minute ago
the last breath
swallowed by
a slow inward mute
demonic world minted
countless crawling faces
unable to speak
sheared off at the lips
a deflected possible
a mathematical probable
a bride to a new moral code
in another reality
already here

kari edwards

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