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Statement From The Field Investigator's Report

Matthew W. Schmeer

Sullivan, MO: June 17, 1989

Outside the Tastee-Freeze something small and sharp was jabbed in my spine.
When I awoke, I couldn't move. My legs were numb. There was blood everywhere.
Two of them stood over me, holding something. One of them bit into it; his teeth
were sharp and glistened with yellow spittle. I couldn't speak. I couldn't scream. I
couldn't feel a thing. When they saw I was awake, the short one stuck his finger in
my mouth–it tasted sweet, like applebutter–and plucked out two molars. He put them
in a jar and shook them like dice. He laughed. Then the tall one put something over
my head and I couldn't see anything. I felt something scrape the heel of my left foot.
When I woke up, I was naked on the floor of my living room. The television spewed
static into the air. All my food was missing. My car wouldn't start. I couldn't find my
cat for three days.

Matthew W. Schmeer

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