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Nerve Sequence

James Grinwis

A buzzard, I am a young buzzard who looks old.

The jelly-beaners eat jellied ball things all day long.

“You want to bet on that hand, you want to?”
One hand said.

Pressing the escape button, Maury
found himself ensconced in the belly of a submersible.

Those who want to destabilize the health care system and those
who seek to preserve it appeared on the monitor
with a handful of martinis.

“You will be my beef chip,” the manager said to the assembly,
“my moist, salty beef chip.”

A blue creature, no, a scraggly little cat
splayed across the couch, taking the whole thing over.

It was the room of foolhardy laughter, and no one had left.

“Give me a worm, a worm to open this bottle.”

The football wizard and the wizard of football
unbuttoned a dram.

The man who always goes for walks when it snows
never stops for a chat. My dog wags his tail, but he continues on.

He is thinking of juggling, it seems. The man who continuously forgets
his good ideas takes a drink, which tastes like something he can’t remember.

“I will blow the failure establishment away,” an anonymity said.

James Grinwis

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