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Mini Buildingsroman

James Grinwis

Oily gadget turning into a necromancer.

What is a necromancer a necromancer
is a sorcerer who works with the dead.

The first, second, and third goners left.
No plot but a large hole in the ground.

The lover of trite novelties
tapped the goners with little copper spoons.

A coal took root in his fragile depths.

A boy dumped guts along the path to the city.
A slithery creature, being fattened in the hotel.

A messianic squaw bit into a raspberry and said ow.

A vision! It was Isabel Allende,
leading a sexton by the wrist in a mode of forgiveness.

I have always loved Melville’s description of chowder,
I find myself reflecting on it often.

The nerves were set, the key to the puzzle
ready to be cut.

James Grinwis

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