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People did not ask you to sign a release form

Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo

People did not ask you to sign a release form
You saw no waiver or release form, only a disclaimer claiming you have no claim to
those thoughts
There were no lawyers involved, only a silent majority
The silent majority now sees what you were thinking
The silent majority now enjoys images of that hairstyle you had not yet decided to
show your mother
The silent majority pockets that memento you had not yet earmarked for your lover
In casual friend-making, you had given it away, not yet knowing that that would be
auctioned at your estate sale
These panties are not your panties; all panties belong to the silent majority
Who you have slept with is a matter of public record, and gossip has gone the way of
disease in terms of level-one priority
There is no such thing as a need-to-know basis ever since you opened your mouth
You thought there might be a way of giving solely to give, but you had not accounted
for the taking
Those photographs are now live-video stream
There is an animal called a Pod-Cast
It implies both fishing and infestation
Its net is wide and irretrievable

Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo

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