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There will be a changing of the cabinet

Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo

There will be a changing of the cabinet
We are hoping that you can survive this
Foster children, child actress, wards of the state
There is an industry that must be obeyed
There is an appetite for your beloved products
There are no levels of intimacy that will be upheld
You might liken this to human trafficking
Except that it is not your physical body but your ideas that have been trafficked
And once one has been trafficked, there is always room for more
Surely you don’t expect those to lament the trafficking of your ideas when there are
babies being trafficked!

Except that maybe you thought your thoughts were the best thing you had
Maybe you valued them over your own virginity
Your thoughts are your virginity
And there is no stopping them

Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo

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