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The End of the Wearing of the Purple Pants

Jessy Randall

"I love these pants!" she said, wiggling her bottom around inside them. "But
you can't wear them anymore," said her betrothed. "You have to wear sparkly
dresses and blouses and things like that." "You don't even know the difference
between a skirt and a dress," she said, "How can I marry you?" "You want to
marry someone who knows girlie things? Why don’t you test me RIGHT NOW," he
said. For he genuinely wanted to marry her, which made no sense. And so she
began to take different types of women’s underwear out of the closets, and to
hold them up and quiz him. He failed miserably and she threw the camisoles,
girdles, and half-slips up in the air with glee.

Jessy Randall

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