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Telephones II

Zachary Schomburg

THE BLACK TELEPHONE has been keeping a secret from you, deep, deep inside its telephone. THE WHITE TELEPHONE is an instrument of death. Do not answer the white telephone. THE BLACK TELEPHONE is a motel for tiny spiders. One family of tiny spiders is living in DEF. THE WHITE TELEPHONE is still ringing, even while under turbulent waters after its breathtaking stunt at Niagara Falls. THE BLACK TELEPHONE has a heartbreaking cry for a ring: No! No! Please God, don’t answer this! THE WHITE TELEPHONE is the only telephone for the entire Mexican villa, but its ownership lies completely with Carlos who is dead inside. THE BLACK TELEPHONE is a machine of hurtful lies like There is love for you still in Moscow and I’ll wait for you in the golden airport. THE WHITE TELEPHONE has made a call to the bullpen. They want the righty. The lefty has been shot. THE BLACK TELEPHONE is on a stand next to a tall tropical hibiscus next to a tall flowering woman stretched out dead upon a red and white Italian leather sofa. THE WHITE TELEPHONE calls the head bird to tell them it is time to head north for the summer, but to avoid the traffic above Lake Titicaca. THE BLACK TELEPHONE enjoys a good clean joke. Perhaps you could come by tonight, with your joke. THE WHITE TELEPHONE is actually a black telephone, deep, deep inside its telephone.

Zachary Schomburg

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