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AnnMarie Eldon

saved for whenever he couldor would
rather than being areas of day-to-day activity
fact that their ditches were located inside their banks
indicated that they would have been used

in a defensive function
if it got serious and that the barrier
their earthworks provided was and is more likely to have been functional rather than

not like flags nor even emblems but family matters
and private and different for each of them
according to no formal
conjectured that whatever he took to be

inside his enclosures was intended to be separate
from the outside world
and perhaps only known to select individuals
or groups; this alignment a contentious

issue. Popular belief that theirs towards certain heavenly bodies
in fact orientation highly invariable
and more determined by local topology
armchairs and such rather than any

desire for spiritual orientation
a slight tendency for having an entrance
set in the north or north-west quarter smile
identified following no statistical analysis only gut-

full whilst generally their axes aligned approximately south east to north west or northone
two southwest but who could care
authorities argue but none to look

none to reference on this particular no
go. Structures used as declinometers
used to measure positions of rising or setting
often considerably post-

dated, themselves off the back foot and not necessarily
connected and certainly not necessarily connecting
conjectured that they could have been synchronized
yet planting doubts

or timing unshared religious rituals poles

stones would indicate

during whilst others appeared
framed certain markers so that nearby others
do not mark nor do not interfere nor do not with such observations
finally placed at particular

lassitudes a number where the same two indicated she
this time rising and setting away from
for both the spring in his garden
and the spring in her step

frightened her with its unaccussédtomed courage
henges she learned from
and was present from the extreme north to the extreme south of her body

so her departure could not
have been of greater

AnnMarie Eldon

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