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the clean-down

AnnMarie Eldon

and then a fleckless folding wingsof
something more akin to unuvulated
grace firmaments inculcated waytéd
laceless lacklustreful disemplaced em-
braces striated by road by parture by

damp prepossessing. It was thus but
shrags sourded: sycamore progeniture
has tried its progeny, ground ugly, wasted
shifting ash-leafed maple sative in this teasing
town. The blank that. Flocculent Southdowns’ scittering

distracts; hillside as just …, relationship
ass mistraction so sibilants weapon
yesterday’s abcoulombic course
fallen each runs on each curse
both sheep brained, infacund

both treatise as if heaven
slovens. How (without
remiss) to save - from
henceforth make
mere muck


AnnMarie Eldon

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