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Mystery I Wrote

Aaron Belz

The mystery I wrote calls the reader's attention to four things:
          a smoking chimney,
          a field,
          a sleeping animal,
          and a desperate woman.

The chimney looks about as you'd expect.
The field might be a bit yellower and more barren
     than you'd imagine.
The animal could be a skunk.
The woman is pulling her shirt off as she runs, uttering short, sharp

It's on fire! Her shirt is burning!
Now, this is not a full-fledged mystery; it's sort of a tall tale.
And truth be told, the "woman" is a man; but you don't know that at first.
"She" runs away from a house, past a sleeping skunk, and
     through a field...

But you see, you assumed there was a house — and there was,
     what with the chimney.

The smoke is the giveaway, though. The smoke and the skunk.

Do you give up?

Aaron Belz

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