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Hylas Aggregate

Eric Abbott


Tidal. A riot of pulls. The gilt anchor gouges a raggedy-ass
channel in the sand. This seen, he does the math and loves it,
badly. Not to worry, the furrow knows it will be washed away,
gnawed bone afloat in a garbagey sea. The shadow of thou-
sands of birds artifactualizes light, a picture of you, of then,
of me, a myth, the good man. These mermaids get a pittance,
get digital, get pixilated, immortal, get got, never free. We could
do without the moon, we captured it on Kodak. We’ll whip it
out if you need it, whenever occasion calls. Romance: full moon
on the screen of stars, seductive. All Hallows: a sickle smoking
harvest orange. Half moon: a stripper in slow motion, free drinks
and a fake I.D. AWOL daughter, already dead, she will never die.
Click and shut her up. For that, we’ll need an eclipse and look
what I have here.


I, Hylas, a cosmos in ruin, pornocentric, vagodynamic, a careless
carcass with a tune in its teeth, am zero, leaching each miniscule
fiefdom of the human heart, a colony, a cancer, am a little weird,
a little world made cunningly, made cuntingly, maid after all.
Iconolator, wrong from the start, I fear my I
is too small, ammo to be used against me in the war against me.
Scores of quarrels, eros. I, Hylas, fellating all hungers under one
fear, one thought, let it stop, knowing for some it doesn’t. A myth
myself, I go about my days, knowing Nils will visit, will not stay.
She could be thirty, in stills, working her naughty schoolgirl simile,
her cleft palace, perfect lips, lisp into her slip. Today is nothing
more than yesterday dressed in black tomorrow, in whisper-thin
guise of debutante, of flattered sure thing, in tulle, in taffeta, pool.
Not to worry the form, pornography. One can study all the devotions
at once. Taut to want from first and on, Hylas at the gate of pearls,
some girls go further, some watch him gather water, some hold him
as he spills, his toil, what they were after, what came after, the story
ends here. There is no end to the story. End the story. Here, here.

Eric Abbott

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