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Sueyuen Juliette Lee

patience is a pore the children run right through. the seats scintillate and all the
preteens run out for the field. waves scour and fall, mutilate themselves before the
bleacher stands in tongues. the moment is long and red golden. pavilion before the
sky (perilous). a promise is a promise. mother land. ship, slip, bruise.

holding a breath reacts to night’s collapse. quiver and flicker before the spaces emptied
of their flames. five in a line is now three on their knees, one forward and the other
pitched back. among the just deserters leaving youthful ranks. volume is a fury, hardly
spent. simultaneously, meaning what we saw occurred all over.

and the stars murmured from their valences.
and we were of one accord.

one space. holy indifference.

hananim. hananim aboji.

Sueyuen Juliette Lee

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