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Reply to an Invitation to a Luncheon

Betsy Wheeler

Dear Whomever,
This day is perfect in its easy
conversation. Two succulent enthusiasts,
roiled by the afternoon’s hot heat
just now passed by my open
kitchen window, un-busied with the act
of watering their little spiny darlings.
Together they make a book with dried edges
waiting for a cousin to the rain.
Have you met them?

If, over a chicken salad dressed with grapes,
I turn to you, sipping tea, & say:
             Water! or Warden!
will you rally? Will you share with me
your harbored barn fan?
A rattled tray of candies?

Let’s board abandoned light.
Let’s keep it in a pocket like
the marveled brains of bottom dwellers.
Let’s wait for it become of use: say,
while zooming around with someone unfamiliar.
If we meet in the afternoon, will we need
a parasol? I’ve got a green one.

Betsy Wheeler

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