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Love Poem with an Inferior Grade

Fritz Ward

Dear Ask-Me-Again, do my answers echo your answers?          (circle yes or never stop)
1) No, but I can narrow the possibilities between your teeth.
2) Yes, despite the short breath under your skirt
3) And the sliver of apple anointing your wrists,
4) I mistook you for a heroine abandon
5) On a park bench with only a red
6) Leather satchel and your immediate needs.
7) —Stop—
8) Put down your number 2’s.
9) Only when the answers fit the fingerprints may we dance.
10) Please choose from the following:
          A) She’s turning the volume up on silence
          B) So young, but so cold
          C) Jesus is a motorhome
          D) All of the beloved
          E) None of the revolvers

Fritz Ward

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