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Laurel Snyder

What would I want? What would I should?
It’s time to make dinner, and I’m a bad girl.
It’s time to skip the ice cream. Time to keep
The pants zipped all the way up. Time is firm,

A master. Do you want some fresh spinach?
No, nobody does. Time is hard, expert
In the ways of want and should. Time
To walk the dog. To sleep. By the clock.

The clock is should. The clock is accurate, but
Wrong. Not mine. I miss throwing things fast
Against the wall. I miss drinking. Too much.
I miss drinking. You. I miss the maybe of want.

The wait and see of touch. The only if you’re here
At last call, or lucky. I never miss what I should.
Who are you? It doesn’t much matter, but how I
loved you. Where did you go when you went?

Is there anything I can offer you? Will you stop
Back by, and visit? What should I have done
instead of this? Where did I leave my instead?
My inside? Behind the ice cream? The zipper?

Laurel Snyder

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