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The creature

Laurel Synder

The creature can stand, almost. The creature can almost, almost. Many
things the creature can almost.

The creature can stick out his tongue, can make a clicking noise, can call out.

The creature cannot yet call in. Cannot yet take a step. Cannot yet “speak.”

The creature is a mess, a motion, a fuss, a piece of the whole.

The creature is not a man, woman, bird, cat, but he is some of them. The sum
of them.

The creature can wave, is not a wave. Can scream, is not a scream. Can plant,
is not a plant.

His feet. The creature can scream his feet.

The creature has sounds, hands, power. The creature has no words.

If the creature can roll his tongue, but not while standing. If the creature can
stand, but not for long. If the creature can long, but not for beyond. If the
creature can beyond—

There is no beyond the creature. But there will be.

Laurel Snyder

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