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The creature and the wall

Laurel Snyder

Throw the ball and the creature will off. Far.

But not too far. You will have to fetch him.


If the creature chases the ball to the end of the room, he will find a wall. The
creature does not know from wall, yet. The creature knows more, but up. Wall
means floor, more, but up. Flat and wide and hard and the creature’s hand goes
slap slap slap against the up-floor.

Now will you fetch him?

If the creature can crawl, but you will not like it. If the creature can slap, but his
hands are dirty. If the creature finds things. There are things you know. You didn’t
put them there.

If the creature can hold the edge of a coffeetable in one hand and a pebble in the
other, can put the pebble in his mouth but needs both hands for holding, can use
one hand but only while sitting—

If the pebble is waiting for him on the windowledge, is the proper size for choking,
is filthy—

If the creature can only reach the windowledge by letting go of the table—

What is the greatest likelihood for the pebble?

Sit or stand? Walk or fall? Choke or learn to cough?

Him moves fast. Little pebble, little choke.

Laurel Snyder

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