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Another Visit to Eden

Catherine Esposito Prescott


Once Adam and Eve became aware
of the bareness of their skin,
once they shied from each other,
the garden disappeared, and all hell
broke loose. Birds went right on singing,
bees buzzed a languorous buzz, but
their new minds were tireless,
and they found themselves in everything:
"The leaves are crying," said Adam.
"The birds sing because they are lonely," said Eve,
"They sing to find each other."
The original couple went on like this
until their minds wrapped like weeds
around the garden choking its roots.


Meanwhile, Eve had nothing to wear
and none of the leaves she found
were the right size, shape or color.
One palm frond strategically placed worked for Adam,
but Eve was beside herself.
Some flamingos took pity on her – poor anxious creature –
and gave her some feathers.
But Eve said they weren’t the right size, shape or color.
Eve told Adam she felt insatiable.
She had a desire she could not name,
and could not fill. She said
she was a lake with no water.
Adam said he understood,
but really he was too busy
watching a pair of mating deer
to pay close attention.
Things were never quite the same after that.

Catherine Esposito Prescott

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